• Texas Instruments 2.4 GHz Purepath Wireless
   Digital Signal Transmitter

• 433 MHz Receiver For Handheld Remote Control

• Range of up to 200 ft.
• Stereo RCA Input Jacks
• Stereo 3.5mm Mini Input Jack
• Pairing Push Button
• External Switching Power Supply
• 1 Source Audio Input
• 2 Zone Light Control ON/OFF
• 2 Light On LED Indicators
• 2 Zone Volume Control
• 2 Zone Mute Function
• 2 Zone Mute LED Indication
• 2 Zone Linked LED Indication
• Amplifier - 25Watt Texas Instruments Purepath
  Class D

• Power Supply – Texas Instruments Switching Power
  Supply for high efficiency and Energy Star EuP

• Each transmitter can operate up to 4 speaker lights
• Channel Selection - Left-Mono-Right (Selector

• Treble Control – Knob to adjust treble to
  compensate for different lampshade densities

• Light Control - Lighting Control Relay (ON/OFF)

Sound of Light

Sound of Light Lightspeaker 2.4 GHz Transmitter and 433 MHz Remote Control Receiver PCBA

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